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Over 98,000 patients suffer from medical mistakes each year. Let us protect your rights.

James McCarthy and Nicole McCarthy represented doctors prior to establishing their own firm in 1998. Take full advantage of our legal expertise and network of medical professionals to better understand if medical malpractice occurred in your case. We have the experience and resources to determine your legal rights in all types of medical cases, including cases involving birth injuries, undiagnosed conditions, Emergency Room omissions, surgical mishaps, or medication errors.


Get answers to your medical malpractice questions. Let our legal team help you to prove medical negligence. We will fight for your right for compensation when negligence is evident.


Don't put off getting legal help for your medical malpractice needs. Medical negligence cases require a thorough and extensive review before a case may proceed.  You may get compensation for losses such as medical bills, lost time at work, loss of life's pleasures, and pain and suffering if you can prove your case.

Turn to the dedicated professionals at McCarthy & McCarthy for all of your legal needs, including motor vehicle collisions and family law. Protect your rights by working with a dedicated attorney today.

Let us help with your medical legal needs

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Without obligation, the lawyers at McCarthy & McCarthy will review your case in conjunction with medical professionals and offer an opinion as to whether you have a case. You will not pay us if you don't receive a settlement.

Get help for medical mistakes

Let our expert medical malpractice team help you to prove negligence.

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